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Health Care and Wellness

Noquemenon Trail

The Noquemanon Trail Network: An ambitious placemaking initiative in the heart of the U.P.

In the 15 years since the first Noquemanon Ski Marathon, the Noquemanon Trail Network has become one of the area's defining assets, encapsulating the rugged spirit of the Upper Peninsula and positioning Marquette County as a world-class outdoor sports destination.

Michigan Nightlight Health thumb

Special Report: Child Health and Wellness

The 2013 national Kids Count data book reports Michigan ranking 31 out of 50 in child well-being. With this shaky foundation, Michigan has some serious work to do in improving child health and wellness outcomes.

Natasha Lantz and Michele Walk of the UP Food Exchange

Old and new tech chart a path for U.P. agriculture

Armed with innovative technologies and low-tech solutions to age-old problems, the U.P.'s farmers and food-system stakeholders are charting a new path for its agriculture industry.

Farmraiser thumb

Helping schools raise funds through local farms

When it comes to fund-raising projects at schools these days, it seems like the offerings are limited to junk food and wrapping paper. Mark Abbott found a way to change that. 

Cathy McClellan and Peyton Perilloux of Salon C

What's next for Sault Ste. Marie?

In Sault Ste. Marie growth has never been achieved overnight; it's been more like a slow, steady climb up a mountain. Read how the Soo has weathered the storms of change and is looking forward to a bright future.

the WeSearch team at NMU

WeSearch connects donors to medical researchers to fund solutions

The funding model for medical research is a difficult one--either apply for scarce government funding, or work for a big pharmaceutical company. Even charities that back medical research for specific diseases can be inefficient. So, a Marquette entrepreneur had a better idea: crowd-fund it. That's how WeSearch was created.

From Where I Sit thumb

Summer illness should come with make-up days

Columnist Deb Pascoe asks, why can't we have make-up days of summer when we're sick? After all, we get extra days of school to make up for all the snow; it only seems fair.


U.P. summer camp helps disabled children meet their goals

Bay Cliff Health Camp is more than just a summer camp for disabled children; it inspires these children to work toward realistic goals and allows them to be surrounded by other children who accept them for who they are. Lucy Hough learns more about how Bay Cliff helps these children become more independent.

From Where I Sit thumb

A day to remember

Columnist Deb Pascoe writes plainly about marriage, addiction and loss in From Where I Sit this week.

From Where I Sit thumb

The Sandman Vs. Mother Nature

Columnist and freelance writer Deb Pascoe attacks a subject where some might fear to tread: menopause. She does so with her characteristic wit and charm--and younger women, don't look away; it'll be you someday.
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