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The family fun day trip of Eben Ice Caves is thick with ice this year | Shawn Malone

Research and Innovation

Suburb Solar

Snow-covered panels: Does solar power work in the Upper Peninsula?

It makes total sense to have solar farms set up across the nation, collecting energy from the sun and providing it in a clean, sustainable fashion. But what about here in the U.P. where snow covers the ground (and solar panels!) for five or more months? 

WittPrint Thumb

3D-printed phone cases debut in U.P.

Finding a unique, locally made product just got easier with a small Houghton company that produces Michigan-themed phone cases with a 3D-printing process.

Cathy McClellan and Peyton Perilloux of Salon C

What's next for Sault Ste. Marie?

In Sault Ste. Marie growth has never been achieved overnight; it's been more like a slow, steady climb up a mountain. Read how the Soo has weathered the storms of change and is looking forward to a bright future.

BridgeGuard thumb

BridgeGuard brings innovation to bear on infrastructure safety

BridgeGuard, based in Hancock, is offering a safe and cost-effective solution to improving the quality of our country's infrastructure. It does this with innovative engineers but also with a focus on quality customer service.

the WeSearch team at NMU

WeSearch connects donors to medical researchers to fund solutions

The funding model for medical research is a difficult one--either apply for scarce government funding, or work for a big pharmaceutical company. Even charities that back medical research for specific diseases can be inefficient. So, a Marquette entrepreneur had a better idea: crowd-fund it. That's how WeSearch was created.

3rd street revitalization

Marquette working toward multi-use Third Street corridor

Marquette's Third Street is an increasingly busy thoroughfare, and city planners are looking at its future as a mixed-use, walkable, bikable corridor that can connect downtown with residential areas with some needed improvements.

SSM Smartzone

Sault Ste. Marie beckons to entrepreneurs with new Smart Zone

The Upper Peninsula could become the hub for successful entrepreneurialism thanks to the recently opened Sault Ste. Marie SmartZone. Read how budding entrepreneurs can get help turning an idea into reality by taking advantage of the many professional services offered.

Michigan Modern: Design that Shaped America

Michigan hosts architectural and industrial design event of the year

The Michigan State Historic Preservation Office will launch a blockbuster show June 14 at Cranbrook Art Museum in Bloomfield Hills, displaying how the state contributed to the American Modernism movement in art, architecture and design.

Walkable Cities

GUEST COLUMN: The quest for walkability

CUPPAD's executive director, Lloyd Matthes, talks about the elements that can make up a walkable--or unwalkable--city.

smartphone thumb

New approach to business: Apps that help in everyday tasks

Remember the days of stacks of business cards and landlines? Smartphone and tablet technology has ushered in a new era of doing business and here are a few apps that help make day-to-day tasks just a little bit easier and more efficient.
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