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Florek plays against Red Wings

A Marquette native's dream of the Stanley Cup playoffs came true in a different way than he might have thought it would, playing for the Boston Bruins.

Excerpt: Growing up in Marquette, Mich., Justin Florek routinely watched the Detroit Red Wings as a kid. Often he’d fantasize about scoring that Stanley Cup goal and leading his hometown team to another championship.

For the whole story, go here.

Source: Boston Herald

Yooper status is more sought after than it used to be

A Battle Creek columnist recently mused on her history with falling under the definition of "Yooper," not always as pleasant as the status might seem now.

Excerpt: It pleased the heck out of me when two long-time friends recently sent me columns from different newspapers, both addressing the nationally significant news that the word, "Yooper" is now officially in the Merriam-Webster dictionary.

Yes, in case you missed that bit of earth-shattering news, those of us who hail from the Upper Peninsula now have a bona fide identity. How cool is that?

The whole column is online here.

Source: Battle Creek Enquirer

Marquette among finalists for All-American City

If Marquette is named an All-American City this year, it'll be a repeat honor for the U.P. town. Right now, it's one of the final 25 cities selected. 

Excerpt: The City of Marquette has been selected as a finalist for the 2014 All-America City Award.  

The National Civic League honor was created in 1949 to recognize outstanding, community-based civic accomplishments.  

The rest of the story can be found here.

Source: WNMU-FM

Syfy's"Ghost Hunter" to speak in Marquette

If you're a fan of the show "Ghost Hunters," you might want to find out the details on an upcoming event at Northern Michigan University, where an investigator from the show will speak.

Excerpt: Yooper ghosts haunting Michigan’s Upper Peninsula should beware. Steve Gonsalves from Syfy channel's "Ghost Hunters" is coming to Marquette, according to The Mining Journal.

For the whole article, click here.

Source: Mlive.com

Marquette looks to expand economic development zone

There's no doubt that the SmartZone up in Houghton has done a lot to advance the economy of the U.P., and Marquette is hoping to take some steps that might extend some of those benefits to its doorstep.
Excerpt; The Marquette City Commission has scheduled a public hearing for later this month to consider expanding the boundaries of the city's Local Development Finance Authority to encompass the entire city…
Marquette Chief Financial Officer Gary Simpson said what's spurring on the effort is the city's desire to expand the LDFA district to include the whole city to create a satellite SmartZone District with Houghton and Hancock.
For the whole story, go here.
Source: The Mining Journal

Forest service predicts next 100 years of Michigan forests

The forests of Michigan will have to adapt to changing climate in the coming century, according to a new U.S. Forest Service report. What that might look like is detailed in the article below, so read on.
Excerpt: In the last 100 years, Michigan has become warmer, with more rain coming through heavy downpours. Climate models suggest that the state will continue to warm and variability in precipitation patterns will increase, which will have consequences for the state’s forests. A new U.S. Forest Service report describes the potential risks and opportunities of climate change for forests in the eastern Upper Peninsula and northern Lower Peninsula.
The whole story is online here.
Source: NetNewsLedger.com

Students look at possible geothermal energy from old mines

Some Michigan Tech researchers are exploring the idea of geothermal heat and energy systems using a resource in abundance in the U.P.--former mines.
Excerpt: I’ve always dreamed of making my house energy self-sufficient -- maybe a windmill could be mounted where that old TV antenna anachronistically sits; maybe we could get a wood stove for the living room, some solar panels on the roof? I even occasionally allow myself to fantasize that our entire peninsula could be energy independent with no need for a larger electrical grid. 
The whole story can be found here.
Source: Keweenaw Now

Nature Conservancy buys island off Delta County

Part of the Nature Conservancy's recent purchase of an island in Lake Michigan is being offset by a $1 million grant to support wetlands.
Excerpt: The Nature Conservancy has received a $1 million grant to go toward its 2013 purchase of St. Martin Island and acquiring additional wetland habitat.
The Nature Conservancy in a statement Friday announced the grant from the North American Wetlands Conservation Act. The conservancy in November 2013 purchased the majority of St. Martin Island, which is about 11 miles south of the Garden Peninsula in the Upper Peninsula, between Lake Michigan and Green Bay. 
For the rest of the story, click here.
Source: Mlive.com

Final Four flooring coming from U.P. again

The maple and the work put into the NCAA Final Four basketball floor again came from the Upper Peninsula thanks to Connor Sports Flooring.
Excerpt: Workers in a tiny Michigan town toiled to produce the hardwood floor on which Connecticut, Florida, Kentucky and Wisconsin will try to produce their shining moment.
The floor being used for the Final Four games today and the national championship game on Monday, all in Arlington, Texas, was put together in Amasa, Mich.
For the whole story, go here.
Source: Appleton Post-Crescent

Maple syrup season on track this year

It's been an atypical winter in many ways, but apparently the maple trees don’t mind, as they are right on track for maple syrup production.
Excerpt: Despite a bitterly cold and seemingly endless winter causing a late start to the season, maple syrup production seems to be on track in the Upper Peninsula.
"If I ignore the calendar it's not too bad," said Jeff Olson who owns Olson Bros. Sugar Bush in Bark River with his brothers Greg and Mark.
The whole story can be found here.
Source: Escanaba Daily Press

Brimley test track hosts cars of the future

Self-steering, infrared cameras, seats that notify you if you're not alert, adaptive braking--these are some of the features found on a recent round of cars being tested in the U.P., reviewed here.
Excerpt: The first full day of spring dawned frigid and clear in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula, where weather patterns—especially the cold ones—seem to linger, but on this morning it’s not the weather we’re interested in. This remote location, more than 340 miles from Detroit, is a launching pad for the future, and I’m in Brimley to sample some of the most cutting-edge, forward-looking technologies in the car industry.
For the whole story, click here.
Source: Automobile Magazine

Northern Michigan beekeepers try to breed hardier bees

A few beekeepers in northern lower Michigan are working on an issue that U.P. beekeepers might want to jump in on, too: Breeding winter survivor bees together to create strains of bees that can stay alive through a northern winter.
Excerpt: It’s been a tough winter for honeybees. Bees already face several obstacles, including parasitic mites, habitat loss, and pesticides.
Those factors and others are believed to contribute to Colony Collapse Disorder, a phenomenon where bees disappear from the hive in large numbers. 
In the face of all these things, beekeepers in Michigan are trying to breed a hardier bee.
More on the story is online here.
Source: Interlochen Public Radio

Mackinac Island named top island destination

We all know and love Mackinac Island as a close-to-home dream vacation spot, but that's only been reinforced by a recent rating from National Geographic Traveler.
Excerpt: Mackinac Island added another gem to its crown after being named the #5 Best Island Destination in the world by National Geographic Traveler magazine.
The magazine enlisted a panel of 522 international travel experts to rank islands based on a specific set of criteria. 
For the whole story, go here.
Source: CBS Detroit

Why everyone wants to be a Yooper

With the recent news about the word Yooper making it into the dictionary, this post took a look at what makes us so proud to live here.
Excerpt: But other than a resident of the Upper Peninsula, what does it mean to be a yooper? They don't need their own dictionary entry to be totally unique. Here's some of the unofficial things that make yoopers so special -- and the UP one of the best places on earth.
For the whole article, click here.
Source: Huffington Post

10 regional words from the U.P.

We do have our own special vocabulary up here in the U.P. MentalFloss explores some of that in a list of words only Yoopers say.
Excerpt: The Upper Peninsula of Michigan is connected to the rest of the state by only one little four lane bridge (okay, actually the longest suspension bridge in the western hemisphere), and in its relative isolation, has developed its own distinct culture. Here are 9 other words it might be good to know if you ever decide to pay a visit to Yooperland.
The whole list is online here.
Source: Mental Floss
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