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Documentary featuring U.P. is reviewed in the Stranger

You may have already heard about Northern Light, a recent documentary filmed in the U.P. It's reviewed here by Seattle alt-weekly The Stranger, interestingly by someone who grew up in Michigan.
Excerpt: Northern Light isn't a documentary about the Upper Peninsula culture in itself. Instead, it's a humble and quietly thoughtful piece of cinéma vérité that follows three families who are connected to one another by their shared participation in an annual competitive snowmobile race (and never once does the word "Yooper" get uttered).
The full review can be found here.
Source: The Stranger

Michigan Tech Archives named National Heritage Site

The archives at Michigan Tech are full of amazing finds whether you're researching your family history, or U.P. history. Now they're being recognized with a new national designation.
Excerpt: Michigan Technological University’s Archives has long been a popular spot for students, researchers and locals to find information.  Many come to view the abundant records, search the photographs of the area and Michigan Tech, research family history or look at the collections of old newspapers.  Now, however, the Michigan Tech Archives offer the added attraction of recognition as a Keweenaw National Historical Park (KNHP) heritage site.
For the whole story, click here.
Source: Michigan Tech News

Madison firm buys U.P. water engineering firm

Marquette company H2O in Motion is being bought by Wisconsin engineering firm Mead & Hunt, Inc. Mead & Hunt already has business ties in the area, having done work for U.P. municipalities and businesses, so the new deal should strengthen both companies.
Excerpt: Saying clean water is becoming a growth industry, Mead & Hunt Inc., a Madison-based engineering and architecture consultancy, on Monday announced the acquisition of a Michigan-based water-engineering firm.
Employee-owned Mead & Hunt said it acquired H2O in Motion, a privately held water and wastewater engineering company based in Marquette, Mich.
For the entire article, go here.
Source: Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel

It could be worse: the blizzard of 1938

While it's certainly a cold winter, the U.P's had worse, as both NASA and the Atlantic noted recently.
Excerpt: On winter days like this one, when arctic wind chills are freezing off eyelids in much of the country, the best way of feeling warm might not be coffee or scotch but a healthy sense of historical perspective.
With luck, this one photo recently featured by NASA can help with that. It shows the aftermath of a particularly nasty blizzard that hit Upper Michigan in 1938 – the region's so-called "Storm of the Century" – when snow drifts piled up so mightily that they almost covered utility poles.
For the whole story, go here
Source: The Atlantic Cities

U.P. businesses honored by Operation Action U.P.

Operation Action U.P. makes it their business to support U.P. businesses, and one way they do that is through their annual awards, which you can find out more about below.
Excerpt: Energizing our future was the theme of Tuesday’s Operation Action U.P. meeting. 
The annual event awards companies growing their neighborhood.
For the whole story and who was honored, click here.
Source: UpperMichigansSource.com

Too much snow for Tech's Winterfest this year

Winterfest at Michigan Tech is usually a celebration of snow and ice, with giant snow sculptures as the centerpiece. This year, there's apparently too much snow for some. 
Excerpt: Michigan Technological University students and staff celebrate snow like few others, but this year is a bit much even for them.
Grounds manager Peter Pelissero said Monday that students have asked crews to remove some snow from the site…
The rest of the story can be found here.
Source: MINBC News

It's not too early to plan birding trips in national parks

Sleeping Bear Dunes and Pictured Rocks should be on anyone's list of national parks to visit if they're interested in birding, according to this recent piece.
Excerpt: Sometimes it’s cold enough that birding just isn’t that much fun. Sure, when it’s -10°F the birds are still around (as I talked about here a couple weeks ago), but I’m not 20 anymore and freezing isn’t my cup of tea. Before long I’ll be a snowbird.
In the meantime, it’s time to sit at home and plan my year. I’ve noticed quite a few national parks popping up on my destination list for the year.
For the rest of the article, read more here.
Source: National Parks Traveler

Humane Society president calls for action on Isle Royale wolves

What to do about the weakened Isle Royale wolf population has been the subject of a lot of debate, reaching to national levels. Some favor no action, while others call for the introduction of new wolves.
Excerpt: When I was on Isle Royale in the 1980s, there were more than 20 wolves, and some years before that, there were 50 on the wilderness archipelago. Today, there are now just eight inbred and increasingly weakened wolves that remain on this island and cry for “genetic rescue,” a replenishing of the gene pool to restore future generations to health.
The whole column can be found here.
Source: Lansing State Journal

Mackinac Bridge to get $200 million deck replacement

The Mighty Mac is under constant repair, as the suspension bridge takes a beating while connecting the Upper Peninsula to the Lower Peninsula. But in a few years, it's about to get some major reconstruction.
Excerpt: Plans are in the works for a $200 million deck replacement for the Mackinac Bridge that’s scheduled to start in 2018.
Robert Sweeny is executive secretary for the Mackinac Bridge Authority.
The rest of the story is here.
Source: Detroit News

Menominee appears in episode of Finding Bigfoot

The Upper Peninsula seems to keep popping up in TV shows lately, and the most recent is on the show Finding Bigfoot, which you can catch on Animal Planet.
Excerpt: On Sunday night Animal Planet aired an episode of Finding Bigfoot titled Super Yooper Sasquatch.
The team traveled outside of Menominee to meet with hunting guide Craig Sulk who owns 80 acres of land.
More on the episode is online here.
Source: UpperMichigansSource.com

UPPCO sold to investment fund

Upper Peninsula energy company UPPCO will now belong to an investment fund that specializes in energy and infrastructure, as owner Integrys announced a new deal.
Excerpt: Integrys Energy Group Inc. announced Monday it will sell 100 percent of its stock in the Upper Peninsula Power Co. to the infrastructure equity investment fund Balfour Beatty Infrastructure Partners.
For the whole story, click here.
Source: The Mining Journal

Michigan Notable Books named for 2014 include links to U.P.

By our count, at least four of the books on the 2014 Michigan Notable Books List have ties to the U.P., so it's well worth checking out the list to see which ones you want to read. 
Excerpt: The 2014 list includes titles covering topics as diverse as a detailed discussion of Chief Pontiac's Rebellion; a biography of Mark "The Bird" Fidrych; a children's graphic novel about Buster Keaton's summers spent in Muskegon; an anthology of some of the best Michigan poetry; the deadly Great Lakes hurricane of 1913; a collection of articles studying the Great Lakes sturgeon to a book highlighting the joys of baking and eating pies are all topics covered on this year's varied list.
For the whole list, click here.
Source: Michigan Newswire

Marquette airport travel up by 10 percent

Sawyer International Airport reported a pretty decent increase in air passenger travel through its doors in 2013, which is good news for the local economy.
Excerpt: During 2013, a total of 83,799 passengers traveled to (or through) the airport. This is an overall increase of 7,798 passengers or 10.26% over 2012 when 76,001 passengers used Sawyer in their business or leisure travel.
For the rest of the story, click here.
Source: ABC 5 & 10

Duck Lake family works to reforest their burnt property

Not everyone has the skills or knowledge to reforest their own land, but for this downstate family with a camp near Newberry that was destroyed in the Duck Lake fire, it's been a dedicated effort ever since.
Excerpt: While the Duck Lake fire ripped through Upper Peninsula forest, Walloon Lake residents Rick Baetsen and Bonnie Heuvelhorst hoped their property and camper on Pike Lake, which they have owned since 1990, would be spared.
The whole story is online here.
Source: Petoskey News-Review

Arts and culture organizations get grants

The lifeblood of our society is our arts, and several groups in Marquette will be keeping that flowing with the help of some recent grants.
Excerpt: Arts and culture organizations in the city of Marquette have been awarded almost $200,000 in grant funding from the Michigan Council for Arts and Cultural Affairs.
According to the website for the Michigan Economic Development Corporation, the MCACA strengthens art and culture in the state by increasing its visibility, supports art education, encourages new works of art and broadens a cultural understanding.
For the whole story, go here.
Source: The Mining Journal
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