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A piece of Marquette County history.

Nature regains control over an abandoned car in the U.P. woods.

The shoreline of Lake Superior from atop Sugarloaf Mountain.

Sunset in McFarland, Michigan.


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Iron Mountain/Kingsford

It's hard to tell the two towns apart except for when the high school sports team play each other, but Iron Mountain and Kingsford have storied histories intertwined with the success of the Upper Peninsula. Kingsford Charcoal was founded there when Henry Ford and his relative E.G. Kingsford began selling the byproduct of the Model T plant. In addition, Iron Mountain is the birth place of the U.P.-wide Pine Mountain Music Festival. The Menominee River, which flows nearby, is home to what is considered the most challenging whitewater rafting in the Midwest. 

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